October Friday Night Dance Party!!

SQUEEEEEE it's that time of the month again! Another first Friday rolls around. I had some grand plan to do a Halloween themed or Autumn themed Dance Party. But then I just said fok all! I"m gonna roll with what I like. So that means there will be copious amounts of Diamond Plate and The Browning as both bands have new albums out!

Diamond Plate - Pulse on iTunes

The Browning - Hypernova on iTunes

Monks of Mellonwah - Afraid To Die on Bandcamp

Diamond Plate - Rainmaker
Can you tell I really really LOVE Diamond Plate??!! They are just gobsmackingly amazing and a force live! The guitar work on this reminds me of Triumph. It's a whole 70s rock power vibe! Then it slides effortlessly into a Slayer thing. The vocals have a tinge of Jim Morrison and a tinge of Tom Araya. It's spine tingling and haunting.

Monks of Mellonwah - I Belong To You
This is the perfect song for those long autumn nights. Grab someone special and hold them close. "I Belong To You" is the fourth track from the new EP Afraid to Die.

Alter Bridge - Addicted to Pain
It's fast. It's headbanging worthy. It's jaunty. It's a win for a Friday Night!

The Browning - Industry
All I can do is laugh maniacally! The Browning make me happy in a psychotic fuck shit up kind of way! I'm loving the new album Hypernova! It's a blitzkrieg on the senses!

Trivium - Strife
From the new album Vengeance Falls comes some powerful riffage!

Volbeat - Sad Man's Tongue
Live from Rock am Ring 2013 with the "Ring of Fire" intro.

Apocalyptica Meets Wagner
A man in a sparkly diaper and cuban heels.... some droogies.... and three of the sexiest cellists on the planet! Tis a goodly way to end a Friday night!!


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