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Mystery is an up and coming band hailing from Australia, Melbourne to be exact. The band was formed when the musicians were 12 and 13 years old. You think, how precious. Then you listen to the album 2013. This is part of the WOW factor of Mystery. This is not some one album wonder. Mystery have already recorded a second album. Listen to the first one and prepare to have a new go to band!

On first listen  of 2013 I'm struck by the whole power chord-ness of the music. It transported me back to my wayward 80s youth. I wasn't disappointed as the first full track opens with the killer stock cowbell (C'mon feel the noize! Girls rock your boys and get wild wild wild!) that always tickled me. Honestly, the first track could be lifted from an old Bon Jovi or Quiet Riot album. I had to turn it up. To wit, Rocky Ravic went to the Jon BonJovi school of vocalizing and his band mates Kristian Iaccino and Josh Scarpaci have honed the harmonies. Rounding out the band is the strong presence of Tony Mlikota on drums.

The songs are fresh and lively. Mytery is "light fare". This is a band you put on to drive down the freeway. This is a band you play when you need "people friendly music" for guests but still need play some rock and roll for your own sanity. This is the band you want your teenage daughters to listen to!  The next track "Freedom" puts me in mind of some Racer X / Dokken hybrid. I hear so much cool 80s and 90s riffage that my head is exploding. It's like all the cheesiest elements of my teen years all wrapped up on one album! I'm loving it!!! "Nonstop to Nowhere" even has synthesizers and plaintive guitar noodling and very emoting vocals. This is sheer RAWK POWER!!!! Or as one of my kids says..."gamjeong".

All the songs are in the three minute-ish range. Long enough to get into. Short enough to not be annoyed by. Vocals easy enough to sing along to.  There is some solid guitar work here; nothing that's going to blow your mind or win awards. But, Mystery and the album 2013 will have you back in your air-guitar groove!

Now do you want to have your mind blown? The geniuses behind this fist pumping classic 80s/90s rocking album are...... wait for it.... wait for it..... teenagers. 0_o  really! Like 16 and 17 years old! Pick yer jaw up off the floor. Bands 20 and 30 years their senior who are trying to regain their lost glory years must bow down. These KIDS rock! For the sheer fact that these teens can so fully channel and emulate the rock of MTV (when it still showed awesome videos) and Headbangers Ball is reason enough to buy their album!

Mystery - 2013 on iTunes
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Need another reason? The world's biggest Tower Records sold out of their album TWICE within the first weeks of it's release. Truth! 

OK - one more reason; rather two more reasons. Two cover songs on the album. I won't ruin it for you, but buy the album for the cover songs as they are truly awesomely done!

Mystery - Raise Your Fist


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