Friday Night Dance Party: Party like it's Spring Time!

It's almost but not quite totally unlike a Friday Night! Let's get a Dance Party on!!!! SQUEEEEE

JuJu Club - 수필러브
I totally rocked out to this track in 1997!! It deserves very loud playing!!! Warning: please move all objects away from your immediate vicinity as you will start windmilling about the flat and knock things over! And yes, that's bitchin' bass man Lee Tae Yoon laying down the heavy riffage!

Fitz and the Tantrums - Spark
I caught them at a Dave Matthews Band caravan show and fell in love. Another dancing around the flat song. Spark is from their upcoming album More Than Just a Dream.

Collapse - Acolyte
Been a massive fan of them since Bloodstock 2010. They are frakking awesome! Squeeee Pick up the new disk: Arms and the Covenant. The album is just as brutal as this track.

Toxic Holocaust - Agony of the Damned
 A head banging circle pit worthy track from the new album The Ashes of Nuclear Destruction on Relapse Records.

All Hail the Yeti - When The Sky Falls
OMG - All Hail the Yeti are just the bomb diggidy! Get yer dancin shoes on coz this burner will make you shake and groove. 

Burn it all down!!!!!


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