EVILE - Skull (Earache Records)

May 27 marks the date that Evile "come back" with their fourth album, Skull on Earache Records.  What does one expect from such a hotly pulsating star? One expects it to be as blistering as the Toxic Avenger, harder than Mjolner, and more ferocious than Wolverine. High expectations, but the quartet from Huddersfield delivers.

The opening track is also the first video released, "Underworld". My favourite bits of this song are the guitar solos. Ol Drake is a beast and he commands his guitar like an evil wizard. The guitar sounds are part Slayer and part Testament with a hint of Metallica. It's a very engaging stew to the ears. Evile is a thrash metal band that hasn't strayed to far from their roots. Evile frontman Matt Drake comments:

"We are proud to release the first full track from our upcoming album 'Skull' for you to wrap your ears around.  Hopefully this gives you a good idea of what's in store for you all come May 27th.

"Underworld is a title I've wanted to use for a very long time but hadn't found the right song for it; it's named after the venue in London of the same name as it's been one of my favourite places to play for years now.  The song itself isn't directly about the venue but it's definitely dedicated to it.  The song is inspired by a short sci-fi story I read about the earth's surface becoming uninhabitable and people being forced to live deep underground.  It ties in to one of the overall themes of the album which is about things being hidden, be it thoughts, feelings, motivations or truths.  At the same time it's about something else but I don't want to give everything away all at once; it's better if you make up your own mind!

The title track, "Skull", showcases how as a band, they've become tighter; even more precision in their playing. The opening riffs highlighting Ben Carter's drumming hightens your senses. "Skull" is a mosh pit in the making. The drumming and guitars are executed with staccato like intensity. The song is a one dimensional thrash fest, there are passages of harmony and melody that bob and weave throughout the song.

"Head of the Demon" is my favourite track. The writing and vocals have swagger and attitude. This track is going to be wicked cool live. The "sound" of the track is flavourful, rich and deep, like percolated Costa Rican coffee. At 3:42 the drumming and guitar work come together in a way to make the listener very happy and rush to hit the repeat button. But dont' do it just yet. "What You Become" also have swagger and attitude. "What You Become" have a tad more "groove" than "Head of the Demon". The song lives in the pocket.

I can't say enough about Ol and Matt's guitar work. How many ways can you say their playing is just that damn good? Give a listen to the track "Tomb". "Tomb" is atmospheric in a way that exudes what thermal fluid dynamics would sound like if it were transcribed to a heavy metal song. Three minutes into the song it becomes a typical heavy metal slow, powerful, punchy song. This is where the headbanging and fist pumping starts. Four and a half minutes in, a nifty prog passage that slides into Euro metal territory only to fall into a hypnotic guitar solo.

The bottom line is I'm an Evile supporter. Have been since 2010. For me, the band is always on the front foot. They play solid attacking thrash metal music. Evile could make a recording of Hammond organ music using kazoos and I'd buy it! And I'd love it! They are that talented! If for some unfortunate reason you do not own Infected Nations, Enter the Grave, and  Five Serpent's Teeth ... where the bloody hell have you been all this time???? Ok, fine. Go buy SKULL and work your way backwards. Either way, you'll be a happy metal head.
SKULL is available to pre-order now in a huge selection of formats and bundles from the Earache Webstore in Europe at http://bit.ly/c7wbbN and in North America at http://bit.ly/9aOHhw

SKULL is also available on iTunes, including an instant grat track which you receive as soon as you pre-order the album.  Pre-order SKULL now on iTunes at http://bit.ly/itunesskull

Official website - http://www.evile.co.uk
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/evileuk
MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/evileuk
Twitter - http://twitter.com/evileuk
Tumblr - http://evile.tumblr.com


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