Beastwars - Caul of Time

Beastwars released a new single ahead of the April release of new album Blood Becomes Fire. The new single entitled Caul of Time is quite chunky in the rhythm department. It also sounds quite dark and a bit twisted. The vocals are still wickedly sinister, as you'd expect from any Beastwars song. The band didn't muck about with their winning formula. Caul of Time is in the same vein as 2012's Beastwars (self titled album). Caul of Time is a weighty dark and heavy song. It evokes Blade Runner visuals. It makes you feel a tad bit uncomfortable. The bass has a ferocious momentum on this track. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing the entire album! Check out Beastwars on Facebook: and download the album on Bandcamp:  Blood Becomes Fire.


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