Top 10 Photographs of 2012

Everyone tends to list the Top 10 Albums or Top 10 Videos of the year. I've done both in recent posts for the Kali Diaries. Now I'd like to present something new. The Top 10 Photographs of 2012. My shooting year was cut short due to relocation to South Korea. I only had 6 months to get out there and shoot something. It was still a chore to find 10 of the best photographs I've taken this year. I discounted the Comicons and other events and kept it strictly metal! One of the "problems" shooting metal shows is trying to steady a Canon and head bang. LOL  All the bands I've shot this year have given 110% on stage. They are awesome live and it's been a privilege to shoot them. So here are my, Victoria Anderson, Top 10 Photographs of 2012! Enjoy!!!

#10 Metallica at Orion Festival June 2012

#09 Baroness in Philadelphia

#08 Goatwhore in Brooklyn, NY

#07 Anthrax in NYC

#06 Death Angel in NYC, opening for Anthrax! 

#05 Diamond Plate in Philly! 

#04 Bonded By Blood - NYC

#03 The Devastated in Philly!

#02 The Browning in Philly!

And the number 1 photo taken this year, 2012 - Karlis Steinmanis of KS Records


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