Musing on Music - ONOMA

When you think of Israel, you don't think of alternative heavy metal. ONOMA is out to change all that. ONOMA  just released their first single and video entitled Bug. It's quite amazing. It has a Tool-ish Alice in Chains-ish feel to it. It's stark and gritty and full of massive riffage thanks to Asaf Keidan on guitar. The bass sound on BUG is thumpin. In parts of the song, the bass is forefront.  I love it! Andrei Aframov is a powerhouse. The vocals are sweetly wicked. Elad Koren has a sultry edge to his voice and then he lets it all out when he switches to the screamo type vocals. It makes you go O_o  He's just that good! Saggi Chen's drumming hard and driving. If Bug is any indication of how the debut album sounds, "All Things Change" was a dark horse of 2012! To bad I didn't know about them sooner, or they'd be on the Top 10 Albums of 2012.  Sylvia Masy and James Murphy created some wicked alchemy with ONOMA's debut album. All Things Change has that heavy feel that you get from a SOAD, Skunk Anansie, Testament album. Definitely check out ONOMA at Onoma Website and give them a "LIKE" on Onoma Band on Facebook  Here is Bug from the debut album "All Things Change".


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