Munruthel - CREEDamage (Svarga Music)

Munruthel - CREEDamage (Svarga Music)

Ok - this had me in the opening strains of the introductory song. Munruthel's CREEDamage is operatic and big. It's like a blockbuster Conan film or something. The orchestration is just immense and overpowering. If you didn't know any better you would think it's from one of the planet's top classically trained orchestras. Indeed, just the song titles are awe inspiring. Ardent Dance of War's God, Rolls of Thunder From Fiery Skies, Krada P.1 The Blood, P.2 The Surya, and P.3 The Fire. Amazing.

The vocals are the Mojo Dojo growly style vocals that invoke Viking lore and evil hordes. But don't get used to them. They are deliciously balanced by sweeping and ethereal vocal harmonies; most of which are in a foreign language. The female vocals are handled by Alina Gornostayeva. This further enhances the operatic nature of the album. The compositions are enough to make Wagner dizzy! Rolls of Thunder From Firey Skies is just gobsmackingly amazing!

Munruthel includes music that has been in the stew pot since 2006. Vladislav "Munruthel" Redkin is a master chef as the dish he has served up to the music world is bountiful. His hand in over 30 albums including gems from Nokturnal Mortum, Astrofaes, Lucifugum and Thunderfraft is further evidence of his musical prowess.

Masha Arhipova from Arkona share vocal duties on The Mown Dawns Lie On The Ground. The track is extravagant. So much is happening musically you can't hope to digest it with one listen. Even a track like The Lake, a Bathory cover, becomes more sweeping and epic under Munruthel's guidance. The Eyes of Abyss is another beautifully done piece. For me, the violin and guitar interplay is lovely. The Eyes of Abyss creates a cacophony of sound that is multi-layered and complex. There is no one genre the song will fit in. It has shades of symphonic music, death metal, classical and then it sounds like bagpipes... I know, a song with violins, bagpipes, heavy metal guitars, and it all works. Ana Oklejewicz on cello, viola, and violins is just an amazing musician. Her interplay with Istukan on guitars for The Eyes of the Abyss and Carpathian Shield is a beauty to behold. Have I mentioned the genius of Munruthel's compositions?

Closing out CREEDamage is the trio entitled Krada: Pt. 1 The Blood, Pt. 2 The Surya and Pt. 3 The Fire. There truly are no words to describe the compositions. They are just that gobsmackingly pristine. Krada is a true modern symphonic masterpiece. To wit, Munruthel's CREEDamage is a masterpiece.


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