Friday Night November Dance Party

SQUEEEEEE Another Friday Night Dance Party is upon us! This Friday Night brings us post Halloween, post Dia De Los Muertos, Sandy - lots of tricks and treats. Tonite's Dance Party is dedicated to my friends and family in Jersey! Neither rain, nor surge, nor dark of night (thanx PSE&G) can put a dent in our Ramones P-Funk Revolution! I bring you five brand spanking new and totally bitchen to get your Friday Night Groove Thang started!

First up is a video featuring the "love of my life" (falls over in school gyrl giggles) From Berliner Untergrund TV here is Daniel Gun with Mehrals ein 16er-Nr25 featuring a very sexy very loverly Burkhard Schmitt of Hate Squad as part of the posse.

Next up is a wicked tune by Okkultokrati entitled Snakereigns. It's short, but totally bitchen!

Totally not gonna leave my buds in The Browning out of this dance party. They are fun to shoot (with my Canon) and are a great band to interview to boot! Here is Dominator from their choice album Burn This World.

Not gonna lie! This month, the dance party is populated by friends. That's coz my friends rock! And none rock harder than Jessie, Mauro, Juan, and Carlos in Bonded By Blood! Their album, The Aftermath is gonna be in everybody's Top 5 Albums of 2012! Hell, it's in my Top 3! If you missed them on tour this year, take heart. These guys live to be on the road! They are just killer live. Here's Crawling In The Shadows! SQUEEEEEEEE

Psychotically Fast Drumming? Check. Wicked Time Changes? Check. Blistering Guitars? Check. Oppressive Heaviness? Check. oooooohhhhhhh ***Drools**** Must be new Relicseed music. Here is the first live performance of Serial Leader from their upcoming album.


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