Browning Part Ways With Rhythm Section

It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I must report that the Browning are losing two of the finest musicians I've ever had the pleasure of shooting (with my Canon) and hanging with. The rhythm section comprised of Noah Robertson on drums and Jesse Glidewell on bass are departing the Browning says lead singer Jonny McBee.

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you on somethings!
Jesse and Noah have both decided to step down both for their own personal reasons. I want to thank both of them for putting work into this with us! This doesn't effect any of our upcoming touring plans and our NEW ALBUM we are in the process of writing :)

Stoked for you guys to hear these new songs when its ready, and stoked to see all of you out at some shows!
Another big tour update coming next week :)

Drew will be going back to bass, and our friend Cody is coming out to play drums! See you all soon! ♥

- Jonny

Hat's off to Noah and Jesse! Kali Diaries wishes you long life and prosperity. I'd also like to add a warm welcome to Cody Stewart who is taking over on drums.

You can still see the Browning on tour this holiday season! Check them out!


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