Bonded By Blood Cancels End of Tour

Blerg and double Blerg!!! Welcome to 2012: home of broke down vans and shoddy workmanship. It truly doth suck when a band as great as Bonded By Blood gets side lined due to vehicle malfunctions, but that's just what happened this month. Bonded By Blood had to cancel the last few dates with Death Angel and a few So. Cal. shows due to issues with their van... multiple issues. It's a head ache when any working person can't get to work due to car issues. It's worse when you have hundreds upon hundreds of adoring fans counting on you making it to the venue, gearing up, and making their ears bleed.

On 10-17-12 our rear axel blew causing us to miss the last 3 dates of Death Angel's Ultra Violence tour. In the beginning of this tour we had to get the radiator replaced twice (due to bad mechanics) and as a result with all the van's damages we can longer afford to get a new van like we had hoped for future tours. We lost a lot of money..

We are now reaching out to our fans to help us cover repair costs and hopefully help us raise the money towards a new van so we can continue to tour in the near future. Anything helps and it is greatly appreciated. We hope to be back on the road soon


Solution? Ask the same erstwhile fans to "Chip In" to help cover the cost of repairs and some new wheels. It's a brilliant concept by the company Chip In. It's a way for fans to donate money to their favourite band to keep them solvent. Fans buy concert tickets, t-shirts, CDs so why not spend another $5 or $10 to ensure the band can come entertain you? 

Full disclosure: I've never gave the impression of impartial writing. There are certain bands that I just love to pieces. There are certain bands I consider friends. I go out of my way to make sure they get good press (which is well deserved) and will pimp them out when ever I can. I've personally used Chip In to help out Goatwhore and Bonded By Blood.

So for you, all my fellow Bonded Fans... Here's the link. Please donate what ever you can. Share the link. Tell your mates. It WILL BE APPRECIATED!!!  And while you're at it, if you haven't picked up The Aftermath... please do so!

Bonded By Blood New Wheels - Chip In


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