Tom Jones - Spirit in the Room

OMFG... Yes, at 70+ this man is still making women throw their knickers on stage at him. Tom Jones has a new album called Spirit In The Room and it's smokin'. Tom Jones is still kicking ass and taking names. He's making singers half and even 2/3 his age look like rank amateurs.

Spirit in the Room opens with Tower of Song. It's Tom and a guitar. It embodies a southern feel that is prevalent throughout the album. The style fits his voice and the execution is spine tingling.
Hit or Miss is an upbeat southern type rock type pop tone. Slide guitar, tambourines, and bongos. It's a summer time ride along with the top down kind of song. The message is uplifting as well, " got to believe in yourself...". It's no where near preachy, it's very light and airy just... aaahhhh. Bad As Me starts out with this weirdo sultan type flute and then a very bombastic Tom Jones vocals that ride over it. It's wickedness personified. I can see Mata Hari dancing on a pole to this track. The composition is just so out there. I've never heard anything quite like it. It reminds me of Tom Waits a bit. Which is a good thing as it's actually a Tom Waits song. LOL

Dimming of the Day is more of a "traditional" composition. An earthy soulful ballad that really showcases the raw power of Tom Jones but in a more subdued way. I Want to Come Home is a slow sad song about being homesick. It's juxtaposed by Traveling Shoes a tome about being on the road. More southern Dixie slide guitar and drumming. The music is sparse with Jones' superior vocals being the forefront of the album.

Soul of a Man is a slow burn. Again, front and center is Tom's luscious voice. He is channeling the delta blues legends of old and doing a damn good job of it. All Blues Hail Mary is a sludgy slow piano song. It's darn near Gothic in execution. Then Jones' voice kicks in and weaves in and out of the piano and drums. It's laboriously slow; just behind the beat. Spirit in the Room ends with the very moving Charlie Darwin. Not sure how to describe the song, it's just moving; and beautiful. It's one of those tracks you have to listen to yourself and make your own judgement.

The album features Richard Causon on keyboards, piano, guitars (Ryan Adams, Kings Of Leon and Rufus Wainwright), Warpaint’s Stella Wazgawa on drums, and Ian Jennings and Sam Dixon on bass. Another amazing album by a performer, ne' artist that has held us in his thrall for decades.


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