Beastwars: Put some Heavy in your Metal

Simple. Bombastic. Tribal. Headbanging. Wall. Of. Sound. And this is just the first track Damn the Sky. It’s chunky. It’s rumbly. It’s rock goodness. It’s Beastwars! Releasing their debut album on September 11, Beastwars is already the most talked about metal band in New Zealand. They are ready to take the world by storm via the album Beastwars. Beastwars is for people who like their metal stripped down, raw, and edgy. Clayton Anderson on guitar and James Woods on bass create an enormous sound using just one guitar and one bass. They are heavier than most bands who need to employ multiple guitar players and hide their bass sound. They are augmented by Nathan Hickey on drums, who definitely went to the Animal school of drumming. He hits the drums hard. Matt Hyde is helming vocal duties and he’s got the most amazing metal voice ever.

I usually get all OCD and do track by track reviews of albums but this is one disk you should just buy and be prepared to get thoroughly blown away. I want you to love Beastwars without me colouring it for you. Just know, there is a lot to love about the album Beastwars. The production is top notch. It sounds good on crappy little iPod earbuds. It sounds good on the pre-installed beatsaudio on my HP. It sounds good on my mates MAC. Not enough information for you? Beastwars has shades of Jimi Hendrix Experiement. They have shades of Tool and Nine Inch Nails. They have shades of  Soundgarden.  Matt Hyde at one point has me throwing my panties at the computer screen. No lie. His voice just drips with raw sexuality. He leaves you gobsmacked. James Woods on bass guitar lays down some of the most amazing heavy metal bass riffs imaginable. The duet of James and Nathan in the rhythm section is proof positive gods exist and they love doomy sludgy heavy metal.

Still don’t believe me? Fine, listen to the track Damn the Sky – download it for free from their Bandcamp site:   You will see just how amazing this band is. 


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