August Dance Party - Better Late Than Never

I'm sure it's still Friday some where in the world, just not in Daegu, South Korea. It's early Saturday afternoon and I've totally spaced the Friday Night Dance Party! So so sorry! I actually spent the night knee deep in 30 Rock re-runs - getting my funny on! LOL But don't dispair! I've got your metal right here! For August, I'm giving you some killer live tunes! That's right, what good is dancing if you are dancing by yourself? So here are some live tunes by some killer bands that are sharing the music love with their fans! You feel free to share too! We are one big happy metal family!

Starting off is my all time favourite HATE SQUAD. This video is from their Dynamo appearance in 1995 - Self Defense (is No Offense). The perfect song to start the mosh pit in your living room!

Some damn dexterous bass work by Jessie Sanchez of Bonded By Blood. This is the title track The Aftermath from their album... The Aftermath.

One of the hardest touring bands I've come across is Warbringer. This is Total War!

 Black Cobra had one of the best albums out in 2011 called Invernal. If you didn't get to see them live, here is your chance.  Here is Frozen Night filmed in Tilburg from April 2012. They just shred! And your eyes do not deceive you... there are only TWO members!!!

I've totally enjoyed these guys live since I saw them at Bloodstock in 2010. Black Spiders doing the cheeky KISS (Tried To Kill Me)

OK - I soooo couldn't do a Dance Party without including my favourite boys in Diamond Plate! I love them to pieces! This is from a headlining show they did in Chicago at the end of July 2012. Relativity is played to an appreciative headbanging mosh pitting crowd!

I totally love Savage Messiah's newest disk Plague of Conscience. This is All Seeing I shot in Manchester earlier this year.

 Squeeeeee Sworn To Oath live in Manchester form this year. This is a new track, Stand Alone.  I think the crowd is digging it! LOL

 Want a little swagger with your metal? Try on Southern Train Gypsy for size. Here they are with Way of the Gun.

Closing the Dance Party out with Gregor MacIntosh's Vallenfyre project. They just started touring this year. He's doing double duty with this band and Paradise Lost.


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