Hellboy In Hell #1

Coming December 5, 2012 from Dark Horse Comics and yes, Mike Mignola! How sweet! It's been years since Mignola did more than just a cover, and December marks his return to full artwork for the mini: Hellboy in Hell. Not much more has been revealed other than this sweet image. Last year, Mignola had this to say to i09: It's a personal story about him, but with huge ramifications for the structure of Hell. I'm trying to get Hellboy free of the giant, 'Beast-of-the-Apocalypse' storyline. That story has to get bigger before it can be put away," he explained. "This first arc is the culmination of all the prophecy crap I've been trotting out throughout the years. We put a lot of things to bed."
Watch this space for more news.


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