Friday Night Dance Party July 2012

Hello my little droogies! It's Friday again, the first Friday that is. And you know what that means? It means it's our sixth Friday Night Dance Party of the year. So much good music has been released this year it's hard to narrow down just a handful of songs for your aural enjoyment. But I've done just that. Far from being a stock "best of 2012" video dance party; I bring you the most gobsmacking electric boogaloo dance fever "Make the Evil DJ in Your Brain Very Happy" TM  music. So what indeed are you doing on your butt? You should very much be dancing!

Orange Goblin have been on the music scene for a very long time. If you haven't felt some Goblin love, their release A Eulogy For the Damned is a good place to start feeling it. The album will blow you away every time you hear it! Ben Ward is just a super sexy singer and an all around great guy!
Orange Goblin - Acid Trial

Adrian Smith and I have this almost but not quite totally unlike artificial social relationship. I have adored him from both afar and on the rail. We had a "moment" in Dublin. I have witnesses!! Then there was the "incident" at MSG during Heaven Can Wait. I was rewarded the next night in Camden, NJ when Adrian gave me his plectrum. **lesigh** His latest venture Primal Rock Rebellion is full of metal and fusion and jazz and psychedelic and all manner of good rock. It's light years better than Maiden's Final Frontier; which Adrian mostly wrote. I guess he was saving the good stuff for himself.
 Primal Rock Rebellion - No Friendly Neighbour

I flat out love this song. It's like Motorhead's Ace of Spades kicked up to 11. Goatwhore from New Orleans is just fast and furious! They put on one hell of a live show and are on tour once again! Their newest album Blood For the Master is definitely one of the top 10 albums of 2011.
Goatwhore - When Steel and Bone Meet

My infinite love for Bonded By Blood knows no bounds. And it's not just because I consider them friends. They really are a killer band! Live they rip it up and their newest album The Aftermath is an instant thrash classic that the punters will talk about for decades to come. 
Bonded By Blood - I Can't Hear You

 Who knew you could find a melodic death viking metal band in Chicago? Well now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Headbang or raid a neighbouring village with the blokes from Fall of Eden.
Fall of EdenTill Valhall

I'm loving this album. It's a cross between 90s Hair Band and 00s Metal. It's the perfect blend of harmony and blistering guitar solos. Plague of Conscience is just a killer album by Savage Messiah.
Savage Messiah - Six Feet Under the Gun

Dude, I actually got to see Biohazard in Brooklyn at L'Amours back in the day. What a kick ass experience. They are back with an equally kick ass album, Reborn in Defiance. It's a totally bitchin metal punk rap hip hop album. It's got everything!
Biohazard - Vengeance is Mine

Want something truly wicked and a bit scary? Try Moonspell's new album Alpha Noir on for size. It's metal but with that something that makes your hair stand on edge, that niggling feeling at the back of your neck. After twenty some years, Moonspell still has the power to mesmerize.
Moonspell - Lickanthrope

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