DREDD: Judegment is Coming 3D Clip

Never mind that I am massively in love with Karl Urban. I have been ever since his portrayal of Ceasar in Xena. Don't laugh off Xena. Watch the episodes in which Urban plays Ceasar and he will quickly become your favourite characterization of the famed leader. He oozed a sexy corruptness that just dripped wicked from the get go. I've done my best to watch every movie he's been in since.  From the very popular and high profile Lord of the Rings Trilogy to the cheesy Ghost Ship "horror" movie to The Bourne Supremacy to Pathfinder (yes, I own this movie and watch it often) to his spot on Dr. Leonard McCoy in Star Trek to RED (where he had "pretty hair") to The Chronicles of Riddick (the latest installment is in post production to be released some time in 2013). ***lesigh***

So yeah, bring on September 7 (if in the UK) and September 21 (USA) for the DREDD reboot? retool? Dredd 2 Electric Boogaloo! The point of redoing yet another iconic movie? The first Dredd came out almost twenty years ago with Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, and Rob Schneider. Technology and film making are much better now. Special effects that looked cheesy and bland can really "pop" in the right hands. A bulk of the visual effects were done by The Mill (Snow White and the Huntsman, Season 5 of Doctor Who, Chronicles of Narnia),  and Prime Focus who do both effects and 3D conversion (Men in Black 3, Star Wars: Phantom Menace, Final Destination 5, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows). To top it off, the cinematography is done by none other than award winner Anthony Dod Mantle (Slumdog Millionaire, Last King of Scotland, 28 Days Later).

Only from the truly twisted minds of  Alex Garland and director Pete Travis (who previously worked together on 28 Days later) could you hope to bring DREDD back to the movie screen as a futuristic neo-noir action film. Filmed in 3D with gobsmackingly amazing slow motion photography sequences, the film returns Dredd to the dark, menacing character from John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra's comic.

Here's yet another amazing trailer from the upcoming movie. 


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