Diamond Plate to play Hometown show July 27

If you are in Chicago or can get to Chicago on Friday July 27th, this is what you should spend your Friday night doing. A DIAMOND PLATE show! Squeeeee Diamond Plate headline at Reggies Rockclub on State Street. Diamond Plate sport Jon Macak on vocals and bass - he's the dude with the way pretty hair! Konrad Kupiec on guitar - he's the one that's better than a zombie.  Commando Mario Cianci - hey, he likes to be comfortable. And drummer Jim Nicademus - he's the one that just had a birthday this month. Together they compromise one of the best frakking bands on the scene today. Their 2011 release Generation Why? was the best album of that year. Live, they kill it! Each and every time. If for some reason you don't already have Generation Why? Run over to Earache Records and pick it up. Do it now!


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