10 Reasons Why You Are Better Than a Zombie

You can buy this hilarious new magazine by TheKaliDiaries right here: 10 Reasons You Are Better Than a Zombie   You've seen excerpts in interviews with Ben Carter from Evile, Jon and Thomas from Volbeat and the 68Zombie winners. Now read the full magazine chock full of reasons why certain homo sapien sapiens are better than their mostly dead or dying brethren. It's a laugh out loud read. Get yours today!

          10 Reasons You Are Better Than a Zombie       

                      10 Reasons You Are Better Than a Zombie                 

  By Victoria Anderson                    in Gyrlz on Tour                 
          24 pages, published 7/6/2012        
        2012 is the end of the world, so sayeth those who misread and misunderstand the Mayan calander. But what fun if the Zombie Apocalypse was really upon us! I asked several noted rock stars to tell me why they and their bands are better than Zombies. The answers will surprise and delight you. 10 Reasons Why You Are Better Than a Zombie features the members of Goatwhore, Hate Squad, Countless Thousands, Volbeat, Suicidal Tendencies, Relicseed,…     
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