Skeletonwitch + Nile + Black Dahlia Murder = Headbanging Goodness

My brain works in very mysterious ways. I totally admit this. Anyone who has had the gnarly luck of having me interview them will attest to. LOL Going thru my notes I came across the April 18, 2012 show for Skeletonwitch, Nile, and Black Dahlia Murder and it didn't have a publication attached to it. HHHMMMM I mused. More digging ensued. I soon found this existed no where except in my notes. Not good! So here yas go!

Skeletonwitch are frakking awesome live. No lie. So I was quite disappointed that they only had a 30 minute set. Are you INSANE??!!! At least they played to an enthusiastic crowd. After the set, the lead singer, Chance, toweled off and began his next shift at the merch booth. That's where I caught up with him.

Chance loves what he does he says it's "better than the alternative". Sure, you could work at McDonald's and "make more money" or "work another job and hate it". But Chance reckons he's got the "best job in the world". I have to agree. Even though you'll never get rich touring or being in heavy metal, if you're lucky, you'll make enough to live. "Meager" is the word he uses. But hey, "Do you want a whole bunch of shit or do you wanna life your life?"

When not hanging with Chance, I listened to some of Nile's set. It was monotonous venom compared to the Witch. The crowd, however, LOVED them. Nineteen minutes into the Nile set, I wanted them done. It all sounded the same to me. To my ears, I could have done with a longer more intense and more colourful Skeletonwitch set. Luckily, I'll get one this fall when Skeletonwitch will headline September, October, and November - 8 full weeks! A full hour, 20 songs.

After twelve years, Michigans own Black Dahlia Murder is still frakking aces live. Onstage they play a blend of speed / thrash / prog / fusion metal. It inspires crowd surfers and stage divers. They are intensity personified. Black Dahlia Murder play at 11 when everyone else is napping. They are a freight train on teh tracks of metal. Strong, ferocious, they bear down on you and obliterate everything in their path. Trevor Strnad, the singer, makes the show personal for the punters. He fist pumps, high fives, and acknowledges every fan. The amount of energy from the stage and the fans could power a small midwestern town.

It was an amazing night of music. How many ways can you say Skeletonwitch and Black Dahlia Murder frakking rock?


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