OK - so it's officially Saturday night, but I've had two weekends of comicons. First was Phoenix Comicon and then Philadelphia Comicon. I totally got my geek on with much squeeing done in the presence of Jamie Bamber (Law and Order, Battlestar Gallactica) - a SPURS supporter and DotCom (30 Rock) - not a SPURS supporter. LOL I left this months playlist up for vote by the fans and this is what I got. I was surprised to get four "popular" bands with high votes to add to the usual rotation of awesome bands. So here is what the fans wanted to see.

Southern Train Gypsy - Hallelujah in the Fire
Awesome band from Texas. You gotta check them out! 

Armada Drive - My Life
From thier debut album!

Countless Thousands - Minor Sounds of Inconvenience
I love Danger! You will too!

Vagora - Schitzofriendly
New to me, new to you!

And now for the popular muisc you all know and love!

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark

Danzig - Her Black Wings

Misfits - We Are 138

And ending the night... a classic...
Journey - Any Way You Want It


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