STAR TREK TNG Cast at Phoenix Comicon

Friday at Phoenix Comicon was just gobsmacking amazing. Three members of Star Trek: The Next Generation cast had panels. The panels were well attended with legions of Trek fans showing some love.

LeVar Burton was first up. LeVar let us know that a new Reading Rainbow is in the works. Due to be released June 19, Reading Rainbow will be available as an ap for the IOS platform and tablet computers and will be available in the ap store. By the end of the year, it will be available for select Android models. Burton grew up with reading and indeed it was expected of him by his English teacher mother.  "In Irma Jean's house you either read a book or got hit in the head with one."

Next up was the amazing Marina Sirtis, a Tottenham Hotspur fan. She related an awesome story (well, I thought it awesome as I'm a die hard Chelsea supporter) of how she got an Arsenal fan chucked out of a panel she and Will Wheaton were conducting. If you've never seen Marina live, you've missed out! She's just amazing and lively. She opened her panel by making everyone shut off their video cameras: "I don't act for free. I'm working here. You want to pay me my going rate, you can video me all day long." LOVE HER!!!! She says on playing Counselor Troi, "The hardest thing was keeping Marina out of Troi."

The Phoenix Comicon attendees showed Michael Dorn some tremendous love. The line for his panel snaked down the hall, around the corner, and down to the end of the hall. Amazing! Dorn spoke about working on TNG and DS9. On working on TNG he says it was the "most fun seven years I've ever spent."  He had some great things to say about women when a fan asked about dating advice. "You'll get to a certain age and you realize I know nothing about women. The best advise is to go with what you feel and let the chips fall where they may." "Either she loves me or she wnats to set me on fire. Could be both." Yep, Dorny (as Marina Sirtis calls him) is just that cool. You can follow him on Twitter:!/akaWorf  and keep up to date on all his projects.


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