Musing on Music: Bethany Heights "Proper Medication"

Proper Medication is the newest single from Phoenix's
own Bethany Heights. Proper Medication is from their
debut EP entitled Paydirt. It was recorded with Craig
Long. The trio consists of Andrew David on vocals and
guitar, John Carter on bass, and Atom Albany on drums.
The single channels Brittany Fox, Warrant, and Poison -
the hair metal kings of the 90s.  Proper Medication is
guitar and drum heavy. They are the driving force in the
song. I could barely hear  John Carter on bass on this
track. I LOVE bass but its absense in this case kinda
works. Proper Medication has grooves within grooves.
The hook is catchy as hell and you'll find yourself singing
the song long after it's done spinning.


Atom Albany said…
Thanks for the review Victoria and of course for showing some love to a local west Phoenix band. Wanted to point out a correction though.. Proper Medication was produced by Greg Norris at Arsenal Studios in Denver, CO. Our other itunes track "Cannonball" was produced by Craig Long in Sacramento, CA. Thanks again and would love to hear your comments on our next Paydirt single "Das Stereo", produced by Otto D'Agnolo at Chaton Studios in Phoenix, AZ.. to be released soon.

Atom Albany said…
Also, you can catch us live this Friday, May 25th at Libations on 67th Ave and Bell Rd. around 10pm.

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