May The Fourth Be With You Friday Night Dance Party!

Tonight's special May The Fourth Be With You dance party is as epic and grandiose as Star Wars itself. The movies are iconic. They inhabit a collective cultural consciousness. Tunage for tonite is not that heavy and deep - but is sure to inspire you to whip out your light sabers and thwart evil. There be swashbuckling. There be themes of good versus evil. There be romance. Well, at least you'll have a bitchin' soundtrack for Star Wars Day!!! Come, get your Force on!

Job For a Cowboy - Imperium Wolves: succinctly sums up why the Rebellion needs to crush the evil empire.

EVILE - Cult: Have you been searching for the answer? Looking for soul in your devotion? Purify your eyes! All we ask is that you join the Dark Side....

Countless Thousands - A Pirate's Shanty: I promised you swashbuckling!!!

Hate Squad - Not My God: Every epic tale needs a hero and Burkhard Schmitt is fully fit for the role!

Primal Rock Rebellion - No Place Like Home:  Yep, no place quite like Alderaan. The video was shot there before Lord Vadar "made an example of it".

Bonded By Blood - Restless Mind: Music to blast TIE fighters out of the sky!

Hung - Evil Tsar: Much like the Emperor Palpatine himself, evil and wicked.

Fall of Eden - A Call For Blood: It's how Vader rallies his troops!


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