Kiss The Gunner's Daughter - Still Here

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! Why are these guys not signed?  Kiss The Gunner's Daughter have nailed it with the single Still Here from their upcoming album which is to be released Summer 2012.  I'm gobsmackingly in love with this track. It bobs and weaves between the emo metal of Staind, the killer guitar riffage of Savage Messiah, the intensity of Godsmack, and bitchen Alice in Chains harmonies. It's no surprise these guys are from Seattle, long the bastian of unique and inspired music. Kiss the Gunner's Daughter sports Kelly Murphy on drums, Nick Sundesten on bass, Josh Perry nailing some totally bitchin' guitar, and Sean Ingalls providing the chills on vocals. Still Here reaches into your synapses and rips your heart out. It's dark and broody yet killer head banging goodness. Still Here is an amazing composition. There are so many shades to this song. The harmonies are amazing, the drumming is hard driving, the guitar is metal at it's finest. The band has only been around since 2010 but I'm putting my money on the fact that they are going to blaze a train all across the USA with their killer brand of metal.!/pages/Kiss-The-Gunners-Daughter/149364991750802


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