Bonded By Blood Stuck in Massachusettes

After finishing up a blistering tour with Kittie, Bonded By Blood find themselves stuck in Massachusettes with a dodgy trailer. As happens on the road, the trailer gave out before the metal did. The quartet from Pamona, CA are currently cooling their heels in Massachusettes. Carlos Regalado, Juan Juarez, Jessie Sanchez, and Mauro Gonzalez finished the tour in Lowell, MA
only to find the trailer leaf spring snapped and ist kaput! They need to gather funds to get the trailer fixed and begin the long cross country trek back to California. Bonded were on the road to introduce fans to the upcoming third album entitled The Aftermath due to be released July 3 via Earache Records. The album is destined to be in the Top 3 albums of 2012. Yes, it's just that
damn good. Bonded By Blood played 5 tracks from The Aftermath on the current tour to a rabid and much appreciative audience. The lucky fans that saw Bonded on the tour were treated to I Can't Hear You, Restless Minds, Crawling in the Shadows, Among the Vultures, and the title track The Aftermath which is just monstrously heavy live. The Kali Diaries would like to see this bunch of uber talented musicians get home to Cali for purely selfish reasons... I want another Bonded By Blood tour! And the only way I can see them on the road is to get them back on the road. You can PayPal all donations to to help with the costs of fixing the trailer and get them  on the road again. Once home, they can rest up and get ready for the album release and another tour. In the meantime, pre-order the best thrash album of 2012 here via Earache:  in North America at or in Europe at  And please for the love of all that is good and metal send whatever pound note, geld, won, ruble, ducket, dosh, benjamin you have at  your disposal to the following PayPal account:  Any little bit helps and once the trailer is fixed Carlos, Juan, Mauro and Jessie can get back to doing what they do best - providing kick ass metal to the masses.


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