Wretched "Dilated Disappointment" video

Wretched displays some amazing chops in the song "Dilated Disappointment" off the upcoming album Son of Perdition out March 26. The tone of the guitar playing is comfortably familiar. John Vail and Steven Funderburk's speed is madening. The guitar solos blindingly choice. I gotta tell yas, Steven and John have great fingers! Marshall Wieczorek's drumming is machine gun fire wicked. Wretched is a true metal symphony of speed goodness. Vocalist Adam Cody spits out some deep and growly and just plain evil vocals! "The song is about the regrets you'd feel watching the world come to an end", says vocalist Adam Cody. He adds, "The message is more about feeling  the anxious and angry content of the song rather than a cinema experience." Son of Perdition is an album that you want!


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