Primal Rock Rebellion - Awoken Broken

*****sigh****** SQUEEEEEEEEE My love for the amazing Adrian Smith is vast. I admit to having rose coloured glasses on when it comes to what ever musical alley this man wanders down. The only exception being Maiden's last offering, The Final Frontier, of which he wrote a great deal. It didn't stop me from seeing the tour, attaching myself to the rail and making goo goo eyes at the man. 

I was over the moon when I started getting information about his latest solo project, Primal Rock Rebellion. Awoken Broken has dropped on the shores of Europe and the UK on February 27 on Spinefarm Records, with an American release to follow on April 17th. My advice? BUY THE ALBUM!!! from  Play, HMV or Amazon UK  or get it on CD/vinyl from  What Records. You can even download a digital version from iTunes If you don't want to take my word for how amazingly wonderful Awoken Broken is, head over to and listen for yourself! 

The guitars are fantastic, totally blistering and in your face. Adrian is playing some inspired hard rock here. The tracks on Awoken Broken are good old fashioned hard rock. It makes you bang your head and mosh about the living room. Mikee Goodman's vocals range from  growly metal type to deep evilness to tortured artist. Awoken Broken contains anthems, slinky pole dancing numbers, and get in your car crank it loud and drive really really fast numbers.

Adrian does backing vocals on some tracks, which makes me swoon. I love his voice. Velvet it is. Awoken Broken is very hard driving.  It's the album Iron Maiden should have made. Each track just blisters. Tortured Tone takes on a Bauhaus/ Fields of the Nephilim / Joy Division left turn. It was unexpected - an eye opener! As Tears come Falling From the Sky is a KORN-esq Vincent Price radio show lyric fest, very experimental. This was followed by the title track Awoken Broken which is a speed metal song. Search For Bliss reminds me of a Bowie / Bauhaus marriage with ethereal waver Manchester Factory sound guitars. But that segues into Snake Ladders, another lyrical masterpiece that just oozes evil!

The musical landscape of Awoken Broken is wide and varied. Listen with an open mind and a love of rock in all it's guises. 


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