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Monks of Mellonwah are a four piece alt rock band from Sydney. Saying they are alt rock
does them a bit of diservice. The music is rich in texture and tone. They have so much more
to offer than college twenty something angst. I came across their track Neurogenisis and
fell in love the guitar in the beginning of the song. To wit, the guitar playing is supreme  throughout the track. The solo is just amazing. It's not technically the best, but it's  moving. The vocals made me go WTF!! I wasn't expecting something so rich and contemplative.  The song itself is moody and full of soul. It gave me chills! The lyrics embody a haunting yearning. The song builds and coalesces to a fevered and frenzied plea. It's like falling  off a surf board and being tossed about in the waves before you are dumped uncermoniously on a beach with the frosted tip waters washing over you. You try to take a cleansing breath only to choke on a lungful of salted waters. If you aren't singing the chorus by the second  listen, you have no soul. Their track Stars Are Out is a fresh summer song. Again, the vocals are front in center. Stong and soulful. You Shine again makes you go WTF!!! It's just a stellar sultry slow burn amazing piece of composition. The guitar playing is gobsmackingly awesome. It's ethereal. It's soulful. It's emotional. Star Are Out makes me smile. Swamp Groove is another great track. It's got a reggae feel to it. It's a groove for sure. It's another track that gets you singing and swaying. Their STARS ARE OUT ep is available on iTunes. You want some uplifting rock music? You want something fresh and full of freedom? You want to impress that lady on your first date? You want Monks of Mellonwah!!!


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