March Friday Night Dance Party!

So the Friday Night Dance Party for March was waylaid to Saturday Afternoon. My MAC suffered a catastrophic failure. I spend Friday day at the Apple Store and the Genius Bar bloke told me my hard drive was fried. Everything on it is gone. Kaput. So there is TONS of work, reviews, magazine layouts that I have to redo. Not to mention either 1) Replacing hard drive and ALL the operating systems (you don't really realize how much you've spent on programs until they go bye - bye) and hope the mother board isn't friend. or 2) Since my MAC was 5 years old with more than 3000 cycles on the battery (whose maximum time on a charge was 90 minutes) buy a new one. Either way, it's gonna cost me a lot of dosh to get the hard ware. If you are so inclined to help a geek out, you may donate to the Kali Diaries here. Any little bit will help.

Now for what you've tuned in for - the Friday Night (Saturday Afternoon) March Dance Party! Featuring ten tantalizing tunes!!! SQUEEEE

First up is the bestest, happiest song I know of! From the band Countless Thousands here is A Pirate's Shanty! 

A funk/jazz/metal/thrash amazing Norwegian band called Shining from their album Live Black Jazz. This track is called The Madness and the Damage Done.

My all time favourite - HATE SQUAD!!! My new theme song Hannover H8 Core

Relicseed's No Ritina. This is a fun track live! See them if you can!

Goatwhore's Apocalyptic Havoc is a great tune!

Another favourite of mine, Sworn To Oath's Leave You For Dead live in Manchester.

The beautiful, ethereal, tear inducing ONE by Metallica and Apocalyptica performed at the Fillmore last December. 

Savage Messiah's Plague of Conscience!

The always on the road Warbringer! Shattered Like Glass from 2011 release Worlds Torn Asunder

Closing out this dance party is Southern Train Gypsy with Hallelujah in the Fire!
Mozeltov, ya'll!!


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