Hate Squad - Katharsis

Simply because it's half one in the morning and I think everyone should be listening to this with me!!!! It was one of the best albums to come out in 2011. Germany's best.... HATE SQUAD!!!!  Katharsis dropped back in October, but if you missed it here is your chance to make up for it! It's a frakking brutal album full of heavy metal thrash goodness. Marcel Griese and Mark Kunnemann do things with guitars that are illegal in 7 states. Katharsis is in your face, ear bleeding, straight up sick as shite metal/speed/thrash. My deep and abiding love for Burkhard Schmitt knows no bounds. I am tickled pink whenever he opens his mouth. His vocals are crazy wicked. The tunes here are so catchy, you'll be singing along and moshing about in no time. Bring on 0200!



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