Deadman - Deadman

From the romantic Madrid, Spain Deadman emerges. Steve channels a quiet desolation with his
voice that draws the listener into his world of crestfallen love lost. Deadman - The 9
track album of the same name sports some awesome riffage.  Deadman comprises of two
Englishmen  and a drummer from Peru. Their album opens with Without Me You're Nothing. It's
angst times ten. It's black and bleak. The guitars are a wall of sound undercut by some
steady beats. Steve wails and wallows in hurt. His vocals make you ache in sympathy.
Gorgeous Waste of Time is a slow burn that needles into your brain. It is waver music
married to angst ridden American pop. This track takes me back to the early 80s - almost
but not quite totally unlike the Manchester scene. This track should be a staple on college
radio stations. It exemplifies the 8os waver sound. Steve has some amazing vocals. The
harmonies are haunting and ethereal. The song is sad and wanting. You feel the whinge.
Hating is just the opposite. Steve channels Ian Curtis with aplumb. It's one of those songs
you sing over and over again. It's that catchy. Hear This is positively upbeat. It reminds
you of early Duran Duran.  Here Steve has that punky sexy Simon Le Bon thing happening.
Gougi is killing it on drums. It's an instant hit for the DJ in your brain! Juxtiposed is
Walking Out The Door. It's rainy Thursday sad. It's moody and bleak. Then you get slammed
by Seropram Summer a total Manchester punk song. Looking Away is straight up English piss
fest. The lyrics are raunchy and raw and full of anger. The hooks are infectious. The
drumming and guitar playing sublime. The album closes with  Mantelpiece. Mantelpiece is a
slow builder, the anticipation is unnerving. Steve's voice is haunting, it cuts into you.
When the band comes in it's bombastic. The anger and frustration the song embodies is
complete. It's rip your hair out spill your blood running barefoot down the road in the
rain angst.


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