Cop Probem streams 7" at Brooklyn Vegan

Next week sees the release of the self-titled 7" Cop Problem. It's more of the great music we've come to expect from Philly's own punk band.

01 Monuments
Squeeeeee let the bodies hit the floor! Monuments starts out sludgy and doomy but careens into mondo flailing happiness. It's a wall of sound with some wicked cool drumming and Dick Dale guitar playing juxtiposed with faster than light skater riffage. The vocals channel some serious Henry Rollins in his Black Flag days. They are relentless.

02 Along For The Ride
87 seconds of killer drumming, excellent Motorhead type guitar and bass playing, and insane vocals by Deb.

03 Blinded By Power
Dive right into this song because it just goes from start to finish; no let up. Even the interlude halfway thru the song is intense. Joshua Cohen's drumming is just gobsmackingly amazing. Randon Martin's guitar work is stunning.

Catch them April 1 in Bethlethem, PA at the Secret Art Space
April 15 in Philadelphia at The Mitten
April 27 in Neptune NJ at the Sudsy Mug
and May 5 in Cleveland at the Tower.


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