Run For Your Lives - Zombie 5K Race

Zombie lovers unite yet beware. We've finally taken over! Run For Your Lives is a Zombie 5K race and obstacle course. This is the first of its kind event!! I'm totally geeking out about the premise. Runners will navigate a series of 12 obstacles throughout a 5K course in an attempt to reach the finish line — all while avoiding zombies!!!! Isn't that a hoot!?!? Runners and Zombies alike are treated afterwards to a party of apocalyptic proportions: entertainment, music, celebrities, food and beer!

The inaugural commercial aired during the season premier of Walking Dead. Take a look at it!

Now - aren't you super psyched?! You totally gotta register for this event:
October 22, 2011 Baltimore
March 3, 2012 Atlanta
May 5, 2012 Boston
June 23, 2012 Indianapolis
August 4, 2012 Seattle/Portland
September 1, 2012 Pittsburgh
October 20, 2012 San Diego/Los Angeles
December 15, 2012 Austin


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