RELICSEED opening for Korpiklaani December 7th in LA

What happens when you are the first of your kind to do something? Fireworks? Parade? Party Hats and streamers? December 7th, 2011 marks the first ever show Latvian metal band RELICSEED will play in the USA. They've decided to start the Domestic Devil tour in a big way... playing at the Key Club in Los Angeles opening for Korpiklaani! Talk about a big splash! Relicseed played a handful of dates in the Midlands of the UK in September and are ready to kill it in America. After gigging around Latvia, the band has this to say: Karlis, 'The metal scene in Riga actually is getting better and better – people are paying much more attention to the technical side of things, which results in higher quality gear, better performances and an overall sense of what they’re trying to achieve.' Andrej has this to say, 'There are a lot of metal bands in Riga, but most of them are underground bands, just rehearsing and playing small gigs in some clubs just for fun. Although there are few great bands with potential, but it is very hard to grow as a metal musician in Latvia. '

And grow RELICSEED will - by playing in LA and San Francisco in December! What are the guys looking forward to in the coming months, especially with two very big USA shows?

Edgars: I think this will be a great psychological exercise for us firstly because we`ve never spent more than 4 days in on place together (laughing). But seriously – we have something to say, we have music and we have a great joy to everything we do. I look forward to bring Latvian attitude to heavy metal outside this place – the wider, the better.

Kārlis: In the coming months we will have to learn what it’s like to be on the road, what to expect and how to live with each other for such a long period of time. This is a little scary at this point, to be honest. But otherwise, I am looking forward to a row of great shows, meeting new people and having an excellent time doing just what I love.

Or if you are in the San Francisco area - buy tickets at the door for December 8th at Kimo's. Relicseed is the premier band for the 2011 San Francisco Metallibash celebrating Metallica's Three Decades of Damage!!!


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