Diamond Plate at the Gramercy Theatre 18 October 2011

Oh yeah, I like Diamond Plate. From the moment I got Generation Why? I was floored. It's a frakking awesome cornucopia of ear bleeding head banging goodness. Generation Why? makes the evil DJ in my brain very very happy. Don't take my word for it. Konrad Kupiec explains why YOU should buy Generation Why?

Konrad: "If you want really energetic music and you're into heavy metal it's definitely the album for them. We really wanted to try and capture something that hasn't been felt in metal in a long time. The songs, the energy, that's the old school thing about the album it's got the same vibe as the old records but with a modern kind of approach to it. Coz we are young and we are from this day and age, so. There is nothing retro about it except the energy."

Vic: What was the writing process like for Generation Why?

Konrad: "Three of the songs were on a previous EP that we did when we were a lot younger, so we just kind of redid those songs and worked on arrangements and all that stuff. The other songs just came together thru jamming and just a lot of constant improvising of the songs and stuff. We did a few months of pre-production with those songs and once we entered the studio it was about ten days of strait recording and busting it out, so."

Vic: That's fast!

Konrad: "Yes, with small budgets these days especially for underground metal it's kind of like, you have to get in, get out and really have your shit together to really accomplish what we wanted to at least."

Diamond Plate are currently on tour with Warbringer, Landmine Marathon, and Lazarus AD. I caught up with them in NYC at the Gramercy and spent a goodly half hour headbanging and just generally being happy happy!

After the show, Konrad Kupiec - the guitar player, tried to explain to me 10 Reasons Why he and Diamond Plate are better than Zombies. Was not easy.... He had a little help from Adam from Warbringer.

Konrad: 'OK, let's see. I'm gonna pull this one out of my ass.'
1. We are a lot better looking.
2. We aren't dead.
3. We won't turn YOU into a Zombie.
4. People would have a better time with us than a Zombie.
Let's bring Adam from Warbringer in on this one!
Adam: 5. You can run.
6. You can play awesome music.
7. You smell better!
8. You've probably been to more metal shows than a Zombie.
9. You have less holes in your clothes than Zombies.
Konrad: 9. I'm a lot better dressed than Zombies.
10. We have nice hair.
(I must concur. They do indeed have nice hair.)


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