Rwake new album REST

I started out by thinking this would be a simple review of a new album. I put on REST by Rwake and within 2 minutes was in a zone! Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot! I had to put it on again from the beginning just so I could make coherent sentences. The album is atmospheric. It evokes visuals and colours and moods. From start to finish it's like an apocalyptic soundtrack. Mad Max. Bladerunner. Dune. It's futuristic and baroque all in one. The drums dominate the mix and they are relentless! We can blame the dude named "Jeff" for this sonic bombast! The 11 minute opus It Was Beautiful but Now It's Sour have some guitar playing by "Kiffin" and "Gravy" that is gobsmackly beautiful and scary and moving. Ten minutes into the track it gets eerily scary and I don't recommend listening with late at night with the lights out if you are prone to get creeped out easily. I'm loving it!

I truly can't believe these guys are from Ar-Kansas (or Arkansas for the USA peeps reading this). They actually put out their first full length album 12 years ago. Where have we all been that we've missed this sludgy progressive ear candy?! They played SXSW in 2006 and it's taken four years to get another release from the phenomenal band.

The album goes on to make happy evil DJ in my brain with tracks like An Invisible Thread a more "traditional" progressive metal mosh type song and a 16 minute (that's right sixteen minutes) slaughter horror goth tome entitled The Culling. When I make a movie, I want The Culling on the soundtrack!!

I implore you, save your duckets and pre-order this album! Beg, borrow, steal if you have to - you NEED this album. REST is out September 27th on CD/2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records! Pre-order: and iTunes:

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