Pyrrhon to re-release An Excellent Servant but a Terrible Master

It's metal beat poetry. It's Jack Kerouac for the 2011s. Angry. Frenetic. If Gil Scott-Heron was a metal head, he'd write and perform like Doug Moore, lead singer for Pyrron. The lyrics are raw and mind-blowing. Undigested truth. Alex Cohen is a beast on the drums. His style is a conflagration of jazz and metal and punk. You hear subtle nuances in his drumming that seems to defy the man only having two arms. Erik Malave is a perfect complement on bass. Dylan DiLella on guitar creates discord and disjunct. The music mirrors the cacophony of New York City in the 70s and 80s.

The music is free form and dips and soars with pyrotechnic intensity. Without warning the music crashes into thrash / death metal territory. Doug Moore's vocals become evil and menacing. Dylan's guitar work is like nails on a chalk board, screeching and toe curling.

Originally self-released in digital format only in February 2011, the album is getting a new audience via a physical release by Selfmadegod Records. It'll be the best 8 Euro you ever spend!

Track listing:

1. New Parasite
2. Glossolalian
3. Idiot Circles
4. Correcting a Mistake
5. Gamma Knife
6. The Architect Confesses (Spittlestrand Hair)
7. Flesh Isolation Chamber
8. A Terrible Master To read the lyrics To purchase the CD


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