Misantropic "Raise the Gallows"

"Raise the Gallows"
Vinyl only release: Insomnia

This track reminds me of Motorhead and has shades of Anthrax. It's fast paced metal. Misantropic sports some excellent drumming. The vocals are a little thin
but the punk rock metal vibe makes up for it. They remind me of X, but light.
Fek me, I love this track. The guitar solo is blistering. It's another track worthy of some circle pits!

So the album itself was mixed and mastered in Umea, Sweden in May 2010 and remastered in January 2011 for vinyl. Gerda is on vocals. Eken and Rille on guitar. Drums is Zoid (no lie) and Bass guitar is Matte.

You can order the disk directly from the band - but they warn that postage from Sweden is expensive. But it's worth it for such ear bleeding music. Order INSOMNIA here!!! Or in the USA from Southern Lord Records store.


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