Metallica and Lou Reed: The View

The View is spoken word set to blistering guitar riffs. It's avant garde experimental music for the new millenia. It's heavy and sludgy like early Black Sabbath. It's 50s beat poetry for the metal crowd. The first release is like a tent revival. Lou Reed preaching to convert you interspersed with James Hetfield's in your face singing. The juxtaposition of spoken word and metal vocals is mesmerizing. It flows seamlessly from one to the other until the listener is whipped into a frenzy of devoted belief. The guitar solos are psychotic bordering on psychedelic. This album is not for the faint of heart. It's not for the casual Metallica fan. It will push the listener to the limits. I'm sure many Metallica fans will whinge and complain about it - but I think this disk will show even more musical growth from a band that has been around for thirty years. Metallica has never followed trends no more than Lou Reed has ever followed trends. And I was around when Lou Reed fronted Velvet Underground. Both Lou and Metallica have marched to their own beat and carved out their own unique sound in the music business that has been copied, mostly unsuccessfully, ad nauseam. It will take true music aficionados to appreciate this collaboration.


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