DOMAIN - The Chronicals of Love, Hate, and Sorrow

What an amazing listen. This album has some blistering guitar work courtesy of one Axel Ritt. Axel is an amazing and technical guitar player. Axel has the deftness and fierceness of Paganini and the gravitas of Schubert. Unlike the snobbish nose-in-the-air guitar players, Axel is down to earth and quite approachable. So much so, he even offers online master classes to teach YOU how to shred the way he does! He's a true ARTIST! So onto DOMAIN's The Chronicals of Love Hate and Sorrow: The first impression I got was that this was part of the soundtrack to HEAVY MEAL, the 1981 film. The album is very atmospheric, quite solid with amazing vocals. At times, it reminds me of an extremely heavy metal STYX. The drumming is just sick. Thru and thru this album has high quality musicianship!

"Sweeping Scars" is a mixture of epic 70s prog rock, metal, and Wagnerian opus. This music is at home in 2011, 1971 or 1871. The composition is operatic, sweeping, and monumental. The music is complex and has amazing harmonies. This song, as are others, is quite elaborate. "Angel Above" is the perfect 80s big budget, over the top, groove machine. It's totally chunky and danceable. This song is a song to make you drive your Ferrari very fast! "The Circle of Give and Take" is such an uplifting song. It sounds like it would be very comfortable on the RENT soundtrack. I'd love to give this track to Julie Taymor and Twyla Tharp and see what they could make of it. It's so aurally stunning it invites visuals. "He is Back" and "The Last Dance" are awesome metal songs from start to finish. Axel blisters on guitar and the drums are hard driving. These songs are designed to give you a major case of whiplash! "Inner Rage" is for the Judas Priest fans out there. It has shades of "Painkiller" and rumblings of King Diamond. If you are a fan of those bands, you will absolutely LOVE this track! "Haunting Sorrows" is an amazing composition. It has so many layers and textures. It's truly genre defying.

This album is a must buy. Pick it up from This is an amazing site because if you buy the album from here, indeed any DOMAIN merch, the money goes to the band directly! And that's a good thing! Check out the band on REVERBNATION.

If you are out and about this month, September 2011, head out to see Axel playing live with Grave Digger.
September 9 LKA Longhorn Stadtteil Wangen, DE
September 10 Posthalle WüRzburg, DE
September 11 Effenaar Grote en Kleine Zaal Eindhoven, NL
September 13 Volkshaus Zuumlrich Zurich, ZH
September 14 Garage Saarbrucken SaarbrüCken, DE
September 15 Markthalle Hamburg Hamburg, DE
September 16 Hellraiser Leipzig, DE
September 17 Turbinenhalle Oberhausen, DE


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