Dave Matthews Band Caravan: Randall's Island

OMG!! This was my 7th Dave show this year and of course it was stellar! My favourite part of the day was at 3pm(ish) when Dave and Tim hit the stage for an acoustic set. Sure, they did this in Atlantic City, but that was a month ago! LOL The setlist: 1. Eh Hee 2. So Damn Lucky 3. Where Are You Going 4. Typical Situation 5. Save Me 6. Oh 7. Tim Reynolds Solo 8. Little Red Bird and 9. Dancing Nancies

Of course, Dave and Tim were amazing. When are they not? Two guitar virtuosos sharing a stage is mind blowing. They are deft of hand and strong of wit! Even acoustically, Dave and Tim can bring the house down. It's true musicianship.

Here are some videos I shot of the tunage. Enjoy!!


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