Scott Ian in Season 2 of "The Walking Dead"

As if metalheads need another reason to like zombie stuff, Anthrax's Scott Ian is to appear in season 2 of AMC's "The Walking Dead". He's already posted images of himself all zombified on Twitter.

Scott Ian has also shared the following on his official blog:

"I just did what felt natural, started with a broken ankle which would cause me to lean, let my arm swing like dead weight, head forward, blackened teeth (Black Tooth!) gnashing. I showed my walk to zombie pro Joe (didn’t get his last name) and he approved. He said I looked dead! No walking notes," said Ian. "No zombie faux pas (typical rookie mistake would be arms up like Frankenstein). I guess I am just genetically wired to play the undead."

Robert Kirkman's visual rendition of "The Walking Dead" is set to premier Season 2 on October 16th during AMC's annual Fearfest.


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