The RelicSeed

My ears do not deceive me. They are happy on this bright Monday morning. It's the sound of new metal music that puts a spring in my step. The band is called RelicSeed and they hail from Riga, Lativia. Of course, my brain went ???? Latvia ????? Really ????? hhhhmmmmm OK.... But then I started listening to the tracks and by the end resembled a Cheshire cat with a bowl of cream! The band has actually been around for about six years and were even nominated for “The best heavy rock album” in “Latvian metal awards 2010”. Not to damn shabby!

Edgars Rakovskis - is the evil maestro that introduced me to this band. Well done! Especially since he is responsible for all the lyrics, guitar playing (which he began in 2003??!! What the What???!!!), and singing. I tip my hat to you, sir.
Andrejs Upmacis - is the sick individual responsible for the thunderous drum sound. Another accomplished musician, he has a ready steady gig as a session musician due to his high skill level.
Jānis Narbuts - give up some love for the bass player! Janis began playing at the tender age of 12. It definitely shows. He's got some grooves.
Kārlis Šteinmanis - joined the band last year. Karlis is no slouch. This man owns his own recording studio. Huzah!!!!

Take a listen to "The Added Value". Don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook!!! The Relicseed on Facebook and take a gander at their YouTube page for more great videos!

The Added Value by theKaliDiaries


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