Soulless to release new album ISOLATED

You wouldn't expect to get such a hard driving thrashy type metal band from Bath, UK. Yeppers. THAT Bath. Home of Roman well, baths, and abbey, some great ice cream, spas, underground springs, breezes, a groovy bridge, and scads of tourists. Nestled in this ideal beauty The Soulless was born. Signed to Earache Records, The Soulless will release new album ISOLATED on May 16h (June 7th in North America). This album is a definite buy!!!! It's a 4 star out of 5 star deal-lee-yo! It's an Isaac your bartender double finger point! It's a 1976 Dodge Charger! If you don't want the low down on this awesome album STOP READING NOW!! Run on over to facebook and LIKE them. Then buy the album when it comes out!

If you are still reading, that means.... SPOILERS!!!!!! LOL
The short version: The Soulless' new offering ISOLATED is mostly late romantic period music with flourishes of renaissance (the instrumental pieces) with Paganini inspired late baroque/early classical leanings.

That's wot you get for asking a music major to review an album!!!! LMAO!!!!

But seriously, metal/thrash - nothing new. It's been done before! HUNDREDS of years before. The Soulless is just doing it damn good!! Yeh, the vocals are your stock cookie monster growly type deal. You get hints of Metallica-esque riffs. Some spitfire, intricate Charlie Benante drumming. More key changes than you can shake a stick at! The guitar runs would bring a tear to Nicolo Paganini's eye. This is where the Soulless truly shines... on guitar! It's out of this world! All the songs are wonderfully put together! It is truly an amazing wall of sound.

"The Path", to my ears, has an Yngwie Malmsteen inspired guitar work. Again - the influence of Paganini is HEAVY!! Did I mention the guitar work was amazing? The song propels you forward, it's always moving. I don't know what key it's written in, but it's a "happy" key. The song makes you smile and headbang and dance around the room. So much about this song is just "right" in terms of how to write a metal song. It's classical / boroque with melody and wicked key and time changes.

"Earthbound" is circle pit worthy! Nuff said.

"13th Morning" is 74 seconds of renaissance beauty.

"Clones" starts out with beautiful renaissance guitar runs, polyharmony at its finest. 35 seconds in, their is this ear bleeding stacatto guitar riffage. It then breaks out with circle pit intensity. The song is very punctuated, almost as if the guitars have their own vocals to sing. The ending is totally awesome. There is so much to listen to in terms of textual variety and intricacy.

"You Are Nothing to Me" is another acoustic renaissance piece.

"New Perspective", "Revelation", and "Without Heart" are more of the same. The songs are paced. Each song continues the dramatic continuity closely related to the late romantic period.

so if you like circle pits, head banging, searing guitar riffage, and excellent drumming - THE SOULLESS and their new album ISOLATED is definitely for you!


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