Pressure and Time by RIVAL SONS

Some days I just really love my job!!! First I get the new video by The Soulless. And now I get the new video by RIVAL SONS!!! Really???!!!! How amazing is this. OK - for this track you need a pole, some daisy dukes, and some candies. If you are under the age of 30 you may have no frakking idea what I'm talking about.... So in kiddie speak! A stripper pole, short shorts, and stripper high heel shoes (preferably with see thru wedge heels). OH YESH! I would don this atrocious outfit just to shake my groove thang to this fucking song!!!!

The vocals oooze with a sweaty sexuality. The bass line is 110% masculinity. The drumming...??? Has John Bonham returned to the building? OH YESH!!! This song screams "take me baby, take me hard." I can not frakking wait for this album to drop! Pre-order the album here: Pressure And Time or here thru iTunes.

If you are throwing a house party, you need this on your turntable (showing my age again). If you are on a long road trip, you need this album in your cd player. If you intend to get laid anytime this year... YOU NEED THIS ALBUM!!!!!!

Do I like this band? Oh, hella yeah, I like this band!!!!!


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