Celebrate May 16!!!! International Metalhead Day


There are International days for almost everything, there is no reason we shouldn’t have our own.

We are the most loyal music fans ever! We have kept Metal alive for almost 40 years: we buy albums and t-shirts, we go to concerts and festivals, and we run websites and webzines. Some of us are in bands, famous ones sometimes, others are fans, but all of us share the same passion and the same culture that makes us METALHEADS!

The date was not chosen randomly: it corresponds the day the great Ronnie James Dio passed away. Not only will we celebrate our culture but we will also remember Ronnie James Dio and express the love and respect we have for him.

On May 16th YOU DECIDE how to celebrate. You can:
- Play Metal all day long (Most of you always do, anyway)
- Wear your favorite band’s t-shirt to work /School (Don’t wear a clothes that might get you fired or expelled)
- Organize a concert or a party… etc

On May 16th we want the whole world to know that WE EXIST and that BEING A METALHEAD IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF, ON THE CONTRARY, IT ROCKS!

May 16th International Metalheads

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