'68 Zombies

I am a metal head.
I am also an uber geek.
Most would think the two would be light years (groan) apart. Immediately comes to mind is the groovy Iron Maiden Fanclub shirt that had the TARDIS on it. Not to mention Kirk Hammet of Metallica who has written a groovy book entitled Too Much Horror Business coming out October 1. I saw scads of Iron Maiden and Metallica shirts over the weekend at the Phoenix Comicon. Therefor, this is the perfect place to tell you all about '68. '68 is a Zombie/VietNam tome by the fabulous trio of Mark Kidwell, Jay Fotos, and Nat Jones. These guys frakking rock! I picked up issues 1 and 2 and read them on the tram home. I was absorbed! I went back the next day tweaked on Costa Rican coffee and Dr. Pepper and pledged my undying allegiance. Luckily, they didn't shoot me in the head!

Instead, they gave me five (5) signed copies of issue 1 to give away! All you have to do to get one is this... Much like I asked Ben Carter of EVILE and Jon and Thomas from VOLBEAT, I'm asking YOU....


Send your top 10 reasons to kalidiaries@yahoo.com along with your name and address (so I can send you the comic in case you win). The best 3 entries will win an autographed copy of Issue 1. If you can't think of any reasons why you are better than an un-dead cannibalistic shambling rotting almost but not quite totally unlike corpse, never fear! 2 lucky winners will be randomly drawn to win autographed copies of '68

not so small print 'coz even with my glasses on i wouldn't be able to read it: by sending me your address, you are opt-inning to receiving random post card updates from victoria anderson photography in the mail. you may also end up on my christmas card list. if you do NOT want to receive random groovy stuff snail mail style that is NOT a bill, please tell me in your entry and if you don't win, I'll shred your addy and you will never ever hear from me again :D


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