Big 4 in Photos

Yes, I went to the Big 4 show in Indio, CA. Yes, it was an amazing time. Metallica show #49 for me. Yes it's a bit of a low number. I weep at that. LOL I purchased the VIP tickets and was "impressed" by the poshness of the lounge area. We had a water feature. Yes, at a metal show there was a lovely water feature that would make Alan Titchmarch proud. I also availed myself of the sofas. Yes, Slayer. Metallica. Comfy Sofas. It fits. As for the actual VIP pit. Never got near it. The inept staff and non-existent signage made sure of that. Plenty of non English staff grunting about entering the field thru the exit corral and exiting the field thru the entrance corral. But not one of them pointed and in good broken english said the entrance to the VIP pit was along a wall. All I saw when I arrived was people and field. No barricade. No VIP pit area. $100 FAIL!!!! What I did see are a gaggle of other photographers. Prams. Guys with slicked up hair-dos. And lots and lots of kids. Apparently if you were under 5 years old, you got in free! That made one little Slayer fan very VERY happy as he boogied his pamper off during Angel of Death!!!!

Megadeth were tight as usual. Dave has some totally bitchin' guitar riffage. From where I stood (not in the VIP pit area) the drumming was pretty choice too. The sound was a bit hinkey and he even stated that there were a few technical problems. But it didn't stop them from making my ears bleed! Love Megadeth live! Slayer was joined onstage by Jeff Hanneman for the last two songs. It's good to see him playing, if only for a little while. The headliner was some little local band from San Francisco. Metal-something? Metalli-something. Yeh. I think they will go far! They opened with a crowd sing along which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy. They even had fireworks!

Because nothing says HEAVY METAL like a ferris wheel and pink and purple parasols!

Studying to Megadeth makes you smarter! Trust me on this!!

Nap time. He's getting his second wind between bands.


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