10 Reasons Why VOLBEAT are Better than Zombies!!

Screaming fans. The adoration of Thousands. Music. Flashing Lights. It's good to be a rock star. Or is it? What's never seen is the hundreds of man hours that go into giving the crowd 90minutes or so of bliss. VOLBEAT have cut a swath across the United States wowing crowds and winning converts. There seems to be no in between - either you love this band or you just don't get it. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! Four albums into what promises to be a stunning career; Jon, Michael, Anders, and Thomas keep bringing their unique, quirky, lively, danceable, headbangable, groovable, toe tapping, ear bleeding, sing-a-long, FUN music to the masses. It's fresh and different in an industry that perpetuates cookie cutter mediocracy and one dimensional stereotypes. VOLBEAT shatters preconceptions of rock and roll!

I had a totally awesome interview with Thomas Bredahl and Jon Larsen before their gig in Mesa, AZ. I loved the band's music before the interview. After the interview I loved the "band". I have mad respect for the guys and their work ethic. You can get the full interview in Volume 1 Issue 3 of Victoria Anderson Photography: Travels in Wonderland.

Here Jon and Thomas extol the 10 REASONS WHY VOLBEAT ARE BETTER THAN ZOMBIES!!!!!

10. We can outrun a Zombie.

9. We don't lose our skin while running.

8. A Zombie is dead and we're slightly alive.

7. We're in less movies than Zombies. Been way more Zombie movies than Volbeat movies.

6. We smell a little bit better, not much. Hopefully a little.

5. Zombies are real stupid. They behave the same way. The four of us don't go for the same thing. We're like four individuals.

4. A Zombie probably has one thing on its mind: food. We might have two or three things: Food, Beer, and Sex.

3. We're still alive. That's where a lot of magic happens. You get different points of view an you get different interests.

2. We don't have a guy called Rob Volbeat... there is a guy called Rob Zombie.

And according to Jon Larsen and Thomas Bredahl, the Number 1 reason why VOLBEAT are better than Zombies......

1. None of us is called "BUB"

Check in regularly to the VOLBEAT webpage for more on this groovalicious band! You can also follow them on TWITTER!


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